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About Hit Rail

HIT Rail BV is a private Dutch company active since 1989, owned by 12 European Railways Undertakings (RUs) and Infrastructure Managers (IMs), and operating an international secure private data communication network (Hermes) to allow the European Railway Community to carry out international projects in the related fields of data communications and information technology.

HIT Rail is a collaborative venture providing high quality services at a reasonable price, as well as trust and security among its stakeholders. HIT Rail helps the railways do business across borders, and also across different technologies. HIT Rail's business is the railways' business.

HIT Rail has launched HEROS (Hermes Open Services), a set of interoperability services for the European Railway Industry. HEROS is now on production and offers a number of solutions providing interoperability services for the Passenger, Freight and Infrastructure applications.

HIT Rail manages the Hermes VPN, providing connectivity for the European Railways users and applications. Over 30 railway companies use Hermes VPN to conduct national and international business transactions, such as international ticket reservations, train pre-advices, infrastructure path requests, wagon search and many other applications.

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